Stance, Grip, Drawing & Firing, Sight Picture, Sight Alignment, Maintenance, Tactical Concepts when using a CEW,
functions check, situational awareness, avoidance, use of force and de-escalation of volatile or life threatening situations.

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The course is comprised of one, classroom with lab application, five hour training class where students will learn
to safely and proficiently troubleshoot, operate, carry and use a Taser Pulse + self-defense taser / CEW. Students will
learn the nomenclature of the taser, gain understanding of neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI), the immediate and post
effects of Taser exposures and how to safely report and act after a self-defense incident involving the use of a Taser Pulse
+. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to fire one cartridge from a Taser Pulse to gain practical experience
utilizing a Taser. Students will also be educated regarding the moral and legal aspects pertaining to carrying and using a
taser within the state of California. Post event actions will be thoroughly discussed so that students will gain clear
understanding of Taser use requirements, and how to safely act during an incident where use of a Taser may be necessary
or appropriate.


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