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About United Defense Tactical

Real-World Training For
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About Us

United Defense Tactical’s proprietary firearms and self-defense curriculum is for civilians and professionals alike. From fundamentals to active shooter training, members will learn how to respond to threats that could arise in actual combat situations and everyday life.


Train to Survive

Safety is a basic human need that we all desire and deserve. We need to feel safe enough to work, play, explore, and relax without fear. We need a sense of security around our communities, homes, and families.

This is why United Defense Tactical was started. The need for our training is driven by concern, but our purpose is driven by confidence. Confidence in UDT’s ability to protect what is most important to you.

We’re committed to helping you safely prepare for whatever comes your way.

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Our Story

Four years ago, Wes Fox founded United Defense Tactical with the belief that training in a static environment will not prepare you for danger in a dynamic one; you can't do what you haven't been trained to do, and this belief has become the cornerstone of our brand.

UDT’s proprietary self-defense and simulator-based firearms training curriculum prepares members to react confidently in real-world scenarios where lives are at stake. The program is designed for people of any skill level seeking world-class instruction and skills to survive in a dangerous world.

In the news
in the news
in the news

October 2022

Reality-Based Training Programs for Military Excellence

"The company, through its unique training approaches, will continue equipping its members with the right tool sets required to safeguard communities and protect innocent lives."

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