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United Defense Tactical is the premier provider in firearms and tactical training program available to civilians, law enforcement, military and private organizations.  Our courses are taught by a dedicated former Navy SEAL who is committed to excellence.   Learn the most current techniques, procedures, tactics & tools to improve your performance.  Our ultimate mission is to teach you how to safely & expertly perform in a variety of scenarios.  We accomplish this by providing effective and practical training that you can apply in real-life situations.

Dynamic Training, Massive Improvement

Navy SEAL Instructor

Our head instructor, Jason Pike, is a former SEAL Team 7 operator who brings his extensive knowledge of special operations tactics and training.

All Levels Of Experience

No matter how much experience you have, we have classes and courses for you. Our instruction is designed to create a solid platform to build upon and eliminate bad habits.

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Who We Are

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of each individual. From basic fundamentals to active shooter training – participants will be able to apply their knowledge in actual combat/tactical situations. The indoor training facility provides a realistic learning environment you cannot get at a shooting range. You’re taught how to operate under stressful situations that will allow you to respond faster and more accurately.
United Defense Tactical also offers in-field & on-premises security training for businesses; including active shooter.