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CCW Permit Classes

Concealed Carry Weapon Permit Course

This California-approved course provides a comprehensive understanding of laws, responsibilities, and scenarios. Start with a free introductory class at our Costa Mesa facility to learn how to get your CCW permit.

About the
CCW Permit

This course fulfills California and Orange County Sheriff’s Department requirements for the concealed carry of handguns. Taught by OCSD-approved instructor Ben Hansen who is a former federal law enforcement agent and advanced course NRA Instructor. The goal of CCW permit training is to equip a gun owner with the confidence to make smart decisions in dangerous situations that are both legal and ethical.

Following the CCW Permit Instructional Course, participants will spend a couple of hours on the range conducting a variety of drills that will help establish and retain muscle memory and practice threat assessment.

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Topics Covered in CCW Permit Course

  • Morality and Ethics of Concealed Carry
  • Situational Awareness
  • Physiological, Emotional, and Social Realities of a Defensive Shooting
  • Avoiding Confrontations
  • Controlling Confrontations (Verbalizations & De-escalation)
  • Legal Aftermath (Criminal & Civil)
  • Terms of your permit
  • Holster Selection
  • Continuing Practice
Gain the confidence and skills required to
responsibly carry a gun for self-defense.

Start with a free introductory course at United
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