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United Defense Tactical   |  Oct 31, 2023

Pro Self-Defense Tips for Females



When it comes to personal security and self-defense; the overall concept, mindset, combative techniques, and educational approach are all quite different between genders. What works for a man doesn’t necessarily work for a woman. Threat types, potential opponents, body structure, and unequal size differentials drastically vary between the two.

When searching for professional self-defense instruction, it is critical to seek out only reality-based training courses designed specifically for females. Although some defensive combat techniques are universally effective for all genders, self-defense for women is a discipline in and of itself.

Pro Self-Defense Tips for Females

Here are eight United Defense Tactical Pro Tips to get you started on a winning path to self-assurance, peace of mind, and elevated personal security skills:

1. Basic Self-Defense Techniques:

Learn defensive fighting skills such as elbow, knee, and palm strikes. Defensive blocking, grappling, and physical escape techniques are the keystone characteristics of female self-defense/self-preservation.

2. Situational Awareness:

The most important component of self-defense, is vigilant situational awareness, even more so for women. Being diligently mindful of your surroundings at all times is what most effectively protects you from potential risks, allows for a quicker reaction time, and consistently keeps you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.

3. Trust Your Natural Instincts:

A “woman’s intuition” is an intrinsic, incredibly reliable, extremely powerful early warning system. A woman’s instinctual, almost extra-sensory perception of impending peril, is something to be seriously recognized and adamantly adhered to. The vast majority of women who end up in dangerous situations, openly regret consciously overriding the one thing that would have averted catastrophe, their most basic natural instincts. Like her sense of smell, a woman’s ‘sixth sense’ for danger naturally evolved to far exceed that of a man’s. The reason for this is elementary; women have always faced more personal danger than men, generally with small children in their care. The further you go back in time, the more women had to trust, then act on their “intuition” or suffer severe consequences. In the relatively safer modern day, women often tend to ‘drop their guard’ and then later wish they’d reacted sooner or differently. It can’t be stated enough, ladies - TRUST AND ACT ON YOUR INSTINCTS!

4. Personal Security:

Walk confidently and assertively, project that you are strong and capable even when feeling unsafe. Keep a comfortable distance from strangers, and be hyper-alert anytime anyone is walking close behind you, or you have no alternative but to be in close proximity to potential threats. Always attempt to utilize well-lit walkways and stay near populated areas. Make the most of modern technology and applicable phone apps to greatly enhance your daily personal security measures. Make personal security “routine”.

5. Mental Preparedness:

Build assertiveness, self-confidence, and emotional strength through professional education and training. Female-themed, reality-based training scenarios better prepare you to react effectively in a real-life crisis situation. The more you learn, the safer you are; the more you train, the stronger and more capable you become. True self-defense preparedness, can only be achieved through robust study and rigorous real-world training.

6. Training and Classes:

Be sure to only enroll in self-defense classes specific for non-males. Personally commit to a consistent training regimen for maximum results. It is crucial to build a strong foundation via professional instruction, and then continue to build on that foundation with more advanced, follow-up education and training.

7. Self-Defense Tools:

With so many highly effective self-defense tools on the market, it is only prudent to arm yourself with appropriate non-lethal personnel security weapons. Carry traditional devices like emergency whistles, pepper spray, stun guns, or self-defense keychains and belt buckles. Depending on your comfort level, lethal defense instruments should also be a serious consideration. However, understand that with this vital step, comes great responsibility. The proper use of personal firearms takes focused study and specialized training to become proficient. Firearms are not for everyone but greatly enhance your ability to protect yourself and others in a life-threatening worst-case scenario. Once you choose to pursue this higher element of tactical self-defense, it is imperative to receive proper instruction from an accredited institution so as not to be a danger to yourself or the public. Never “think” you know what you’re doing, “know” you know what you’re doing. Confidence, preparedness, and responsibility through training and education, are key.

8. Internet Resources:

Take full advantage of online blogs, videos, and forums dedicated to women's self-defense. You have a world of free knowledge at your fingertips; and it all will significantly enhance your confidence, mindset, and overall ability to safely protect yourself and everyone around you.

At United Defense Tactical, we deeply understand the universal desire all women share - to be able to confidently protect and defend themselves and their families. Our high-impact female-centered self-defense curriculum; is directly focused on empowering women through mental, physical, and emotional strength conditioning while building strong, highly effective, practical defensive combat skills. With our comprehensive training strategy designed exclusively for women; we’ll take you from single mom or soccer mom to the pinnacle of feminine strength and ability.

On some collective level, all women live with an underlying sense of constant fear and apprehension. Having an inescapable physical disadvantage against the far stronger, much more aggressive male gender, is something few men could ever comprehend. Living in a world where 50% of the population is more powerful and more dangerous than you, is something only women can fully understand and feel the intense need to act on.

At UDT, we offer the highest quality reality-based female self-defense training on the open market. Our goal is not to just even the odds, but to tip them in your favor. United Defense Tactical; Turn Girl Power, Into Firepower.

For information about women's self-defense training programs offered at United Defense Tactical, contact [frontdesk@uniteddefensetactical.com]. 


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