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United Defense Tactical   |  Jul 20, 2023

How To Talk To Parents About Gun Safety With Other Parents, According To United Defense Tactical



As parents, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our children. In the world today, it is essential to have conversations about gun safety with other parents. Regardless of your personal stance on firearms, it’s crucial to ensure that our children are protected and educated when it comes to guns. 

Before a playdate, it’s standard to ask about pets in the house, snacks and drinks the kids might like, and any allergies or medical conditions the adults need to look out for. But, how many parents remember to ask if there are guns at home and how those weapons are stored?

Asking other parents about weapons is often still seen as taboo, awkward, or even off-limits. At United Defense Tactical, we believe that having this conversation is vital and potentially life-saving. 

Here, Wes Fox, CEO/Chief Weapons and Tactics Instructor of UDT breaks down exactly how to talk to other parents about gun safety and why the conversation is more urgent than ever. 

Why Do I Need To Ask Other Parents About Guns?

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), guns have been the leading cause of death for U.S. children and teens, surpassing car accidents in 2020.

By discussing gun safety and responsible firearms ownership, you can contribute to creating a safer environment for your children and their peers. 

Fox says he knows how difficult it can be to ask questions about guns in people’s homes, but it’s a conversation parents should not put off. Not talking about guns and the safety of firearms is not the right approach with your children - even adults can be fooled. 

“Parents are perfectly in the right to ask if firearms are in the home and if they are secured.” 

-Wes Fox, United Defense Tactical CEO/Chief Weapons and Tactics Instructor


How To Talk To Other Parents About Gun Safety At Home

So, how do you actually go about bringing up guns when you’re headed to a birthday party, a sleepover, or even just a routine hangout with family and friends? Here’s what United Defense Tactical and Wes Fox says to address the topic step-by-step: 

1. Be Direct 

When discussing the topic of guns and firearm safety with other parents, it’s crucial to be direct while maintaining a respectful and non-confrontational approach. The aim is to address the issue sincerely and collaboratively to ensure the safety of all children involved. 

2. Choose an appropriate time and setting 

Find a suitable moment and place where you can have a focused and uninterrupted conversation. Selecting a neutral and comfortable environment can help facilitate an open dialogue. 

3. Focus on safety measures and what safe gun storage looks like 

Shift the conversation towards discussing practical safety measures that can be implemented to minimize risks. Talk about the importance of securely storing firearms in locked safes or using gun locks. 

“It takes seconds for an incident to occur. Having a secured accessible safe that is set up with a code or biometrics can eliminate life-threatening accidents.” 

- Wes Fox 

4. Offer resources and solutions

Share information about resources, such as safety courses, local firearm centers that provide safety training, or organizations dedicated to promoting responsible gun ownership. At United Defense Tactical, our training courses are designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to protect yourself and others. Sign up for our Free Intro Class today at https://uniteddefensetactical.com and join many others in taking the responsible approach to firearm safety. 


The Bottom Line On Discussing Gun Safety With Other Parents 

Guns pose a serious and real threat to kids of all ages. Keeping children safe isn’t a matter of personal opinion but urgency for parents to talk openly and honestly about gun safety in order to prevent more tragedies. 

“Taking the curiosity away from children about guns and educating them on how they work, what they do, and how they’re used for will help keep our kids and others safe”, says Fox. “No plan is not a plan - this cannot be an option when dealing with the protection of our kids.” 

For information on the first-of-its-kind reality-based firearms & self-defense training program offered at United Defense Tactical, contact [frontdesk@uniteddefensetactical.com]. 

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