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United Defense Tactical   |  Nov 07, 2023

Eight Essential Safety Practices to Ensure a Safe and Happy Holiday Season



The approaching holiday season is a joyous time of friends, family, and festive celebration, but it's also an important time to prioritize safety. 

Ensure Your Home Is Always Secure:

Make certain all windows, doors, pet entries, and secondary access points are securely locked whenever your home is unoccupied. Whenever possible, use timers for interior lighting to give the distinct impression someone is always home. This simple visual deterrent is the most effective method for defending your home and belongings against potential intruders any time of year. Occasionally, double-check each access point to ensure other family members or holiday guests have not left one unsecured. 

Fire Safety:

Consciously avoid overloading electrical outlets, the number one cause of house fires during the holidays. Never leave candles or any type of open flame unattended for extended periods. Be sure to keep (at least) one (well-maintained) fire extinguisher handy and know exactly how to use it. Teaching your children traditional fire safety practices along with proper fire extinguisher use will help protect them, and ensure their well-being in your absence. 

Safe Travel:

When traveling during the holiday season, always plan your route well in advance and let someone close to you know your precise itinerary. Do your best to prepare for unforeseeable travel contingencies and in-route emergencies. Always check updated weather conditions before departing, and adjust your plans accordingly. Holiday travelers are vulnerable to “targets of opportunity” due to countless distractions, carrying so many personal possessions, emergency cash, and expensive holiday gifts. Heightened situational awareness while practicing personal security protocols while traveling is always your most effective defense. 

Food Safety:

With holiday guests arriving from other parts of the country potentially carrying a holiday-spoiling illness, always take appropriate sanitation measures during meal preparation and service. Strictly adhere to proper food handling/storage practices to prevent unnecessary food-borne sickness. Keep hot foods hot, and cold foods cold to prevent bacterial contamination.

Responsible Drinking:

Everyone enjoys a little spiked eggnog during the holidays, so whenever consuming spirits of any kind, pre-designate an alcohol-free driver or arrange for alternative transportation such as Uber or  Lyft. Openly encourage responsible drinking during holiday festivities, while offering a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverage options for your guests. 

Decorations and Lighting:

It is paramount to use only flame-resistant holiday decorations, and carefully check all decorative lighting for frayed wires or loose connections before hanging. Never overload electrical outlets, and always remember to unplug or switch off power strips when not in use. 

Pet Safety:

Be especially mindful of all holiday treats that can be harmful or deadly to pets, and personally ensure they stay out of reach at all times. Make sure your pet has a safe quiet space to relax and unwind during large gatherings to reduce over-excitement and holiday-induced stress. Be certain all decorations are securely held in place to prevent accidental injury to your furry little family members. 


As you celebrate the holiday season with friends and loved ones, make safety and heightened situational awareness your top priorities. By following these time-tested holiday safety tips, you will ensure a safe environment and a joyful holiday season for all. 

From everyone here at United Defense Tactical, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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