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United Defense Tactical   |  Sep 05, 2023

Ensuring Campus Safety: A Guide for Campus Safety Awareness Month



In honor of Campus Safety Awareness Month, we are diving into the critical topic of ensuring the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff on college campuses. At United Defense Tactical, we believe that creating a safe environment is a shared responsibility, and we’re committed to providing insights and solutions that empower educational institutions to enhance their campus safety measures. 


Why Campus Safety Awareness Month Matters 

Every year, thousands of students embark on their educational journeys, pursuing knowledge and growth on college campuses. While academic pursuits are at the forefront, ensuring a safe and secure environment is paramount to enable effective learning and personal development. Campus Safety Awareness Month serves as a reminder that safety should never be taken for granted. 


Key Tips for Campus Safety: 

United Defense Tactical is dedicated to equipping educational institutions with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to bolster their campus safety efforts. From cutting-edge security technology to export guidance, we’re here to support campuses in creating an environment where students and staff can thrive without compromising their safety. 

  1. Stay Informed: 

Stay updated on campus safety policies, emergency procedures, and security resources provided by your institution. Familiarize yourself with emergency contact information and important locations like campus security offices, emergency call boxes, and locations like campus security offices, emergency call boxes, and evacuation routes. 

  1. Trust Your instincts: 

If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts. If you see any suspicious behavior or encounter potentially dangerous situations, don’t hesitate to report it to campus security or local law enforcement. 

  1. Travel in Groups: 

Whenever possible, travel in groups, especially at night. There’s safety in numbers, and it reduces the risk of being targeted by potential wrongdoers. 

  1. Utilize Safety Escorts: 

Many campuses offer safety escort services, where security personnel can accompany you to your destination, particularly during late hours. 

  1. Secure Your Belongings: 

Always lock your dorm room or apartment, even if you’re stepping out for a short period. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, and consider using a small safe for important items. 

  1. Be Cautious Online: 

Cybersecurity is a part of campus safety. Be cautious about sharing personal information online and practice good online hygiene to prevent cyber threats. 

  1. Stay Prepared: 

Familiarize yourself with the location of fire alarms, extinguishers, and first aid kits. Additionally, consider taking a basic self-defense or personal safety course. At United Defense Tactical, our self-defense training courses are designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to protect yourself and others. Sign up for our FREE Intro Class today at https://uniteddefensetactical.com and learn what to do if you’re in danger. 

  1. Emergency Communication: 

Ensure you’re signed up to receive emergency notifications from your campus. Many institutions use text messages and emails to keep the community informed during crises.

  1. Know Your Campus 

Take the time to explore the campus during daylight hours, so you’re familiar with the layout. This can be especially helpful in case you need to evacuate quickly. 


At United Defense Tactical, we understand the importance of campus safety, and we’re committed to providing high-quality security solutions to educational institutions. Our comprehensive self-defense courses, training resources, and tools for both students and campus security personnel ensure that you are prepared to protect yourself and others. 


As you observe Campus Safety Awareness Month, take a moment to assess your campus safety knowledge and make the necessary adjustments to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Remember, your active participation in creating a secure campus environment makes a significant difference. Together, we can build safer and more secure campuses for everyone. 


For information on our self-defense training program to be offered at United Defense Tactical, contact [frontdesk@uniteddefensetactical.com]. 


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