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United Defense Tactical   |  Dec 28, 2023

Support Your Community: Benefits of Owning a United Defense Tactical Franchise



With escalating threats due to increased violence in American communities, many citizens feel vulnerable and at risk. A quarter of American adults worry about being attacked in their own neighborhoods. By starting a UDT Firearm and Self Defense franchise, you can bring together your community, prioritize safety, and help people feel safer on the streets.

For many years, a firearms range franchise was the only option when it came to owning a firearms-based self defense business. Many conventional firearms range franchises are outdated, and present numerous challenges, such as the substantial expenses associated with establishing a gun range, safety concerns and high insurance premiums (since anyone can rent a gun and shoot it), as well as limited demographic reach and the lack of support and guidance - making this venture out of reach for most. UDT Firearm and Self Defense franchises are different. With a central learning center which includes training for proper gun use, real-world scenarios, and a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who lead classes designed for all skill levels, UDT is forging a path in an underserved market. There is a need for more comprehensive firearms training and UDT is proud to provide it. By partnering with this unique franchise opportunity, you can empower every community member to feel more comfortable in their own neighborhood.

3 Benefits of a UDT Firearm and Self Defense Franchise vs a Firearms Range Franchise

1. Promotes Gun Safety

A gun is only safe if the owner knows how to use it properly. Currently there are no standards of knowledge required when it comes to purchasing a gun, so if a new firearm owner hasn’t even reviewed the six gun safety rules when first operating their gun, they could easily harm themselves and others by accident. This happens far too often: 37% of all nonfatal firearm injuries are unintentional.

Unlike a typical firearms range franchise which may have some classes available, but which usually just rents guns out and allows anyone to shoot them, a UDT Firearm and Self Defense Franchise is constructed with firearm training at its core, and offers critical gun safety courses for various skill levels. Whether the person just bought a gun for the first time or is a hobby collector purchasing a new piece, they can learn the tools they need to operate a gun properly in a safe, welcoming, and dynamic environment.

2. Saves Lives

People don’t know how they’ll respond to a dangerous situation until they’re in one. Securing real-world firearms and self-defense training is the best way to save a life. For example, women who go through self-defense training have increased confidence against an attack, which alone increases the chances of being able to fight off a perpetrator.

Not every firearms range franchise practices dynamic learning, often opting for standard static targets. On the other hand, United Defense Tactical offers simulator-based firearms training courses to get you better prepared for real-life scenarios.

3. Helps an Underserved Market

Americans believe gun safety is a priority. 73% of non-owners and 51% of gun owners believe that gun safety courses are essential. While many people are interested in gun safety and value its importance, there is a lack of in-person training centers where people can become experts at their firearms. 

While online courses are available, they will only teach the basics. To truly know how to handle a weapon in a dangerous situation with civilians present, a person must attend in-person classes at a firearm and self defense training center.

Why You Should Start a UDT Franchise

If you see the need for an upgrade to a traditional firearms range franchise in your community, consider partnering with United Defense Tactical. UDT’s founder, Wes Fox, saw that many training centers only taught in static environments, not dynamic ones. He recognized that people needed to learn how to react with firearms in real-world environments to be able to protect themselves when faced with actual violent situations.

When you start a UDT franchise, you’re given our proprietary curriculum that prepares civilians to react confidently in realistic scenarios where lives are at stake. Our team prepares you to handle every aspect of the business by providing:

  • Real estate partners to navigate site selection and lease negotiations.
  • Design, construction, and installation processes to ensure the build-out goes smoothly.
  • Sales and operations training with step-by-step guidance from our experienced team throughout the process.
  • Recruitment assistance to bring on the best managers, team members, and instructors.
  • 5-day training that goes over the nuts and bolts of owning a UDT Firearm and Self Defense franchise

If you’re ready to take the next step and learn more about how to become a partner in gun safety with UDT, then fill out our contact form to learn more about our one-of-a-kind franchise opportunities today.


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